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5 dvd ancestral chen style taijiquan old form routine chen zhenglei

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5 dvd ancestral chen style taijiquan old form routine chen zhenglei

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Lao jia yi lu (74 movements) is the 1st sequence, old form version. The characteristics of Lao jia yi lu are wide and quiet movements, light and firm movements, a well-centered and natural body position, the internal force directs the whole body, the essential point of the work of Chan si jin rests on the kidneys. : this is where the movements are managed.


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Chen Zhenlei is the 19th generation inheritor of the Chen family and 11th generation direct-line successor of Chen Style Taijiquan.
The Old Style of Tai ji quan, Chen Shi Tai Ji Lao Jia was created by Grand Master Chen Changxin (1771-1853), from the fourteenth generation of the Chen family of Chen Jia Gou, Henan Province.
Based on series of movements created by Chen Wangting (1600-1680), Chen Chang Xin developed the original sequences which today are called the Ancient Style of Tai ji quan Chen.
The Chen style practice is mainly based on the work of two Taolu (sequences) with bare hands:

  •  Di yi lu - 1st sequence (in 74 movements)
  •  Er lu - 2nd sequence (or pao chui - cannon fists)
Languages : Chinese Voice, English sub-titles