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Traditional Decoration Window Flower Chuang Hua, New Year

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Traditional Decoration Window Flower Chuang Hua, New Year

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These artworks are used to decorate walls and windows, which is why they are sometimes called “chuāng huā” (窗花), meaning Window Flower.



The artworks are made of red paper, as red is associated with festivities and happiness in Chinese culture. This series is for the new year. One of the most important ideograms of this celebration is the character 福 (Fu), which stands for good fortune, blessings, and happiness.

This Chuang Hua contains: the word 福 (Fu), the fish pattern and the words 年年有余(Nian Nian You Yu).

"Every Chinese family tends to serve at least one fish dish during Chinese New Year. "Nian Nian You Yu" means "there's some fish every year", but fish in Chinese (Yu) shares the same sound with the word 'extra' or 'leftover'; so the true meaning serving the dish really is: "there is some (fish) leftover from the previous year, every year".Which always meaning money."

  • Material: flocked cloth, not the cheap pvc sticker.