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How to choose your Kung Fu shoes?

1. Lightweight, flexible, thin soles are the main features of Kung Fu shoes.

2. To prevent slipping, the outer sole is designed to a non-slip surface , always with patterns in forms of lines.
3. The leather Kung Fu usually worn by athletes for indoor training or demonstrations.
4. To practice Wushu / Kung Fu outside, Webmartial Shop sugguest you to wear the canvas  Kung Fu / Wu Shu shoes, because the soles are thicker and adapt better to different kinds of ground. This model of shoes can be used for the practice of Wushu and rapid movements of Tai Chi.
5. Traditional handmade Kung Fu Shoes
Tissu soles >> A very typical Kung Fu shoes, these shoes are commonly used in many nostalgia Kung Fu films. Coton fabric soles, according to the original traditional model. Handmade, soft, flexible and breathable. Webmartial Shop sugguest to wear them during your indoors practicing. 
Rubber soles >> If you want to wear this style of shoes often during your indoor and outdoor training, the Webmartial shop recommends you to take the identical shoes with rubber soles. They are more resistant and easier to maintain.