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DVD Kong Chi Keung's Wing Chun Kuen Wooden Dummy

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DVD Kong Chi Keung's Wing Chun Kuen Wooden Dummy

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Wooden Dummy (lit. Wooden stake Man) is a unique Wing Chun training apparatus. The Wooden Dummy form is tidy and organized. Coherent practice of the dummy methods not only excercises the hardness of the bridge hands, the agility of our hand techniques, and ouor penerating power, but also simultaneously trains the interchanging of our stature and footwork and our angle and position during advance or retreat. We will view the wooden dummy as an imagnary opponent, use all the Wing Chun techniques and methods we have learned and to express and develop them on the wooden dummy, which is called "No teacher or opponent seek the stake as facing a mirror.


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  • Lectured by: Jiang Zhiqiang
  • Language: Voice in Chinese, Chinese and English subtitles.
  • Duration: 43 mins
  • Format: DVD5 NTSC