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DVD Yi Jin Jing - Muscle-bone Strengthening Exercise

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DVD Yi Jin Jing - Muscle-bone Strengthening Exercise

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Yì Jin Jing (Chinese: 易筋經; litt. "Muscle / tendon changeing classic") is a Qi Gong Manual, containing the description of a set of physical exercises prepare the body for rapid movements.


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DVD Contents :

Muscle-bone strengthening exercise can recuperate adequately human’s five zang-organs, six fu-organs, twelve regular channels and the whole body, balancing yin and yang and dredging main and collateral channels, integrating human’s essence of life vital energy and mental faculties, adjusting body’s metabolism and strengthen the physiological function of each part. Thus reaching the purpose of strengthening body condition, resisting epidemic disease, dispelling illness and prolonging life.

Pan Shaozu
Buddhist name: Xuan Tongzi

Duration: 64'15''