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Linen and Natural Silk ZEN / Qi Gong Uniform

Linen and Natural Silk ZEN / Qi Gong Uniform

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High quality fabric that we searched long time on the market for producing this uniform. Soft and cooler, it offers a maximum comfort to your skin. Long robe with low collar style, large wide pants. An elegant uniform which keeps you in a quiet, meditative atmosphere.

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  • Brand : Linoalium ®
  • Materials : 10% authentic natural silk, 45% linen, 45% cotton
  • Shrinkage : no
  • Range : NATURAL


  • Uni-sex style.
  • Low collar cut.
  • Nine-quarter sleeve.
  • Mi-long robe with two slits on the sides to facilitate all movements.
  • Wide bottom loose style pants.


  • Measurements (bust, waist, hips) should be measured directly on your body, these are not the measurements of the clothes.

  • We work on the actual measurements of our customers and not based on a standardized reference table for all customers.
  • This allows us to go into details, to work individually on each customer, and to help our customers get the clothes that suit them best.
  • Lead-time : 7-15 days.


  • An uniform suitable for your meditation.
  • The uniform can be weared as a casual cloth during your daily life.
  • We also sugguest this uniform to the participant of the tea ceremony training.


Washing and maintaining your uniform