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Kempo/Kenpo Uniform Black and White

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Kempo/Kenpo Uniform Black and White

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Kempo uniform with one belt, good quality, neckline, crotch, waist reinforcement. Embroidery service is available.

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All products in our category "Budo" are made by experienced artisans, supervised by Japanese martial arts masters. Our artisans make them carefully while respecting the Japanese norms and traditions of Budo, for export to Japan and the whole world. The Webmartial Shop offers you the highest quality and authenticity, at the best price!

  • Color: black Kimono and white pants.
  • Fabric: cotton canvas, 100% cotton 8oz(230-240g/㎡), 100% cotton 10oz(270-280g/㎡).
  • Shrinkage: ~ 5 %
  • Chemical coloration, the fabric does not loose the color, easy to maintain.


  • High quality Kenpo/Kempo Karate cotton uniform, breathable and resistant.
  • Reinforced seams on borders, collar and cuffs.
  • Pants with elastic waistband and drawstring.


Size : 3'3'' - 6'7''(100 cm - 200 cm)

Size (in) Size (cm)
3’3’’/100cm 3’1’’-3’5’’ 95-105
3’7’’/110cm 3’5’’-3’9’’ 105-115
3’11’’/120cm 3’9’’-4’1’’ 115-125
4’3’’/130cm 4’1’’-4’5’’ 125-135
4’7’’/140cm 4’5’’-4’9’’ 135-145
4’11’’/150cm 4’9’’-5’1’’ 145-155
5’3’’/160cm 5’1’’-5’5’’ 155-165
5’7’’/170cm 5’5’’-5’9’’ 165-175
5’11’’/180cm 5’9’’-6’1’’ 175-185
6’3’’/190cm 6’1’’-6’5’’ 185-195
6’7’’/200cm 6’3’’-6’9’’ 195-205


Choice of the fabric:

  • An excellent cotton canvas Kempogi uniform for the beginners.
  • We recommend 8oz (230-240g/㎡) 100% cotton uniform for normal weekly training.
  • We recommend 10oz (270-280g/㎡) 100% cotton uniform for intense training and competition.


You can order here for the embroidery service : Embroidered service for jacket


Washing and maintaining your uniform