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5 DVD Quintessence Series of Da Cheng Quan

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5 DVD Quintessence Series of Da Cheng Quan

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This serie contains 5 DVD, you can buy it seperately or the whole serie. Stand Piling, Trail Force, Actual Combat, Foot work and Push Hand, Releasing Force.

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  • Language: Voice in Chinese, Chinese and English subtitles.
  • Duration: 55 mins (1 DVD)
  • Format: DVD5 NTSC
  • Content:

1. Stand Piling excercise of Da Cheng Quan is divied  into two parts, the health and combat. The externalities between the piling exercise for health and combat. The externalities between the piling exercise for health and combat. The externalities between the piling exercise for health and combat are similar, but the imaginings are different. And there are many kinds methods for practicing skills, so generally it is called Stand Piling. Whether for health or combat, the Hunyuan Piling is the basic skill, it is synthesized with the essence of Da Cheng Quan, and so it is necessary for the beginner or senior practition.

2. Trial Force is the dynamic extension of filing exercise and the trial of releasing force. Its essence is to arouse the force gathered from PilingExcercise by the resistance of air and to release it out the body. The movements are slow, but dynamic. The force of the movements is like drawn silk, which remains unbroken all along. There's full of feeling of resistance in the movements, which seem to possess both the  mountain-like static state of Piling Exercise and the nature and smoothness of Releasing Force. Trial Force is the basis of Vivacious Dance, and Vivacious Dance is its improvisation. The movement of Trial Force differ from ordinary slow movements. Trial Force is an important skill in Da Cheng Quan.

3. Releasing Force: Though there are many forms of Releasing Force in the practices of Da Cheng Quan, all of them are the explosions of force from different angles. With correct methods and maintenance of practising, you'll be able to get steady Piling Force, and the force you release will be violent. So we say, making Piling Excercise is like saving money, and Releasing Force is like spending money. Bear this in mind. There are many techniques to release force: Fixed-step Fist Techniques, Moving-step Frist Techniques, Palm Techniques and Leg Techniques. All of them are simple and pratical, easy to learn and use. The movements are well coordinated, and the force within them is appropriate. The crux to release force: Force focus on hands, attentions on the opponent. Under the huge nets, nothing can escape.

4. Actual Combat, namely Sanda, it is a sort of unconditional Wushu antagonism. You can use whatever skills you like expept morally exoculation, crotch kicking, larynx locking and so on. In a word, head is needed to run into, feet are needed to kick a player, fist is required to hit, and step is required to excel the adversary. The expression should be powerful and vigour should be unconquerable. The every part of the body can be the weapon of martial art.

5. Foot work and Push Hand: Suppose that the terms of power just like beads in disorder. Then the footwork is just like the string full with bead. In martiall art usually have the saying of “rather pass power than give footwork." So we can see how important the footwork is. Also the footwok  is consistent with all kinds of routine. Such as Chock-waling Step. Triangle Step with slanting around, or Eight Diagram Step with cycle etc., they are plenty of essentials in footwork. Such as drive step by hippps, the upper body leading to the motion of the rest parts. Rubbing Step is the leading of footwork in these terms.