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Kids Adult Wu Shu Shoes Jin Dou Yun

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Kids Adult Wu Shu Shoes Jin Dou Yun

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Martial arts shoes are crafted to provide exceptional durability while ensuring lightness and stability. The design seamlessly blends toughness, flexibility, and comfort to meet the demands of discerning martial artists.

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Style : Simple and functional design, with a focus on performance and comfort.
Color Options : Available in white and black to suit personal preferences.


  • Upper : Constructed with lightweight and breathable materials for optimal comfort.
  • Sole : A durable and slip-resistant sole made from high-quality materials.


  • Wave pattern and Yin Yang on the shoes : Somersault Cloud" or "Nimbus" in English. It refers to a mythical cloud in Chinese traditional culture, often depicted in literature such as myths, legends, and martial arts novels. In many stories, characters can ride the Somersault Cloud to fly, making it a magical mode of transportation commonly found in fantasy or mythological tales.
  • Wear Resistance: Constructed with premium materials, these shoes are engineered to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring a prolonged lifespan.
  • Lightweight and Stable: The lightweight design ensures maximum agility, while the sole provides optimal stability, enabling smooth and precise movements.
  • Flexibility and Comfort: Exceptional flexibility allows for a wide range of motion, while the inner lining ensures superior comfort even during extended training sessions.


  • Size : 28 - 45

This conversion table is a reference to help you choose the shoes size. The measures can be slightly different between the different models of shoes. For any query please contact us to get more information. All our shoes sizes are based on CN sizes.

International Shoe Size Conversion Chart



  • Daily martial arts workouts
  • Competitions and exhibitions
  • Any physical activities requiring agility and stability