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Classic Red Black Kung Fu / Tai Chi Uniform for Winter

Classic Red Black Kung Fu / Tai Chi Uniform for Winter

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A set of colors with a distinctly Chinese style can be seen in many cartoons. Warm and comfortable materials.

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  • Brand: Webmartial ®
  • Color: cherry red, black
  • Shrinkage: no
  • Range: NATURAL
  • Fabric: light linen with vegetable fibers.


  • Traditional Tai Chi uniform style.
  • An additional layer for keeping the warm of the body.
  • Details made the uniform different from the others, reinforced sewing at the collar, the center closing and the jacket pockets.
  • 7 handmade Chinese buttons.
  • Sleeve : Wide sleeves inspired clothes from the Han Dynasty (BC 202 - 220 B.C.).
  • Two slits on the sides to facilitate all movements.
  • Elasticated waist pants.
  • Two options for the bottom of the pants : 1) cuff at ankle. 2) no cuff at ankle.


  • Measurements (bust, waist, hips) should be measured directly on your body, these are not the measurements of the clothes.

  • We work on the actual measurements of our customers and not based on a standardized reference table for all customers.
  • This allows us to go into details, to work individually on each customer, and to help our customers get the clothes that suit them best.
  • Lead-time : 7-15 days.



  • A beautiful high quality fabric uniform, falls well and fluid for Tai Chi practitioners looking for an uniform elegant and not like the others.
  • Many choices of color combination. Ex : white jacket and black pants for a typical Kung Fu uniform, or choose a different color for the buttons and borders, it will make your uniform more remarkable.