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Wudang Tai Chi Uniform with embroidery WU WEI

Wudang Tai Chi Uniform with embroidery WU WEI

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Authentic high quality Taoist Wu Dang robe. Embroidery chinese characters WU WEI, concept from Taoist philosophy, on the back of the robe. It is a simple and remarkable cloth for the practice of the internal martial arts. 3 different lengths and thickness to meet your needs throughout the year.

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Our design : Wu Wei concept from Taoist philosophy which can be translated as "non-action" or "non-intervention". Go and follow the natural way, keep a calm state of mind and learn from nature. Encourages man to live spontaneously, the principle is not to intervene, to let it happen.

  • Brand : Webmartial ®
  • Fabric : light linen with vegetable fibers
  • Shrinkage : 1-2%.
  • Range : NATURAL.


  • Wu Dang taoist unisex uniform.
  • Embroidery chinese characters Wu Wei (3*3cm) on the back of the robe.
  • Details made the uniform different from the others, reinforced sewing at the collar, side closing with one interior pocket.
  • 3 handmade Chinese buttons on the side and 3 hidden buttons on the front.
  • Wide sleeves inspired clothes from the Han Dynasty (BC 202 - 220 B.C.).
  • V-neck form, collars are diagonally crossing each other with the left over the right.
  • Robe is buttoned on the right side with 2 ribbons.
  • Two side splits.
  • Elastics waist pant with an inner-pocket.
  • Wide bottom without cuff.


Uniform - Size Chart
Size S-5'3''/160 M-5'7''/170 L-5'11''/180
Top length (cm) 71 79 85
Top length (in) 28 31.1 33.5
Bust (cm) 94 104 110
Bust (in) 37 40.9 43.3
Sleeve with shoulder length (cm) 65 71 75
Sleeve with shoulder length (in) 25.6 28 29.5
Waist size (cm) 56 - 96 64 - 104 68 - 108
Waist size (in)      
Hips size (cm) 102 108 120
Hips size (in) 40.2 42.5 47.2
Pants length (cm) 92 97 104
Pants length (in) 36.2 38.2 40.9
* Due to different ways of manual measurements, there is a possibility of 1 to 2 cm margin of error.


  • Authentic "Taoist" high quality Wu Dang robe. It is a simple and remarkable cloth for the practice of all internal martial arts.


Washing and maintaining your uniform