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2DVD Guangdong Traditional Hung Kung Iron Thread Fist

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2DVD Guangdong Traditional Hung Kung Iron Thread Fist

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Iron Thread Fist, Fu Hu Fist, Tiger and Crane double forms fist are the three valuable treasure in Hung Kung, and among them iron thread fist is the most valuable one in the training of Hung Kung, there are two routines, one is for fast training and the other is for slow training. Iron thread fist is belonging to the later one which is mean to match up the quietness power in breath and the high work training to help the practitioner make process in a short time. At the same time, because of the high cast of it in energy, the practitioner in it will gather a big training for the energy and enduring capacity.


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  • Lectured by: Li Xin, the first generation of disciple of Guangdong Hung Kung King Deng Jintao and material artist of south style in film world.
  • Language: Voice in Chinese, Chinese and English subtitles.
  • Duration: 103 mins
  • Format: DVD5 NTSC