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Dark Red Wooden Tai Chi Ball

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Dark Red Wooden Tai Chi Ball

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Different weight of the Tai Chi ball, made of solid wood, use to train the internal martial arts and Tai Chi Chan Si Gong (reeling silk exercise).

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  • Material: solid wood.

The ball has a depth of 2cm hole, through the hole can clearly see the wood grain and solid wood inside, the hole is for the ventilation, to release the moisture from the inside of the solid wood.


The diamater of the Tai Chi ball is between 18-35cm, due to different type of wood and weight, we can only provide the approximative value of diameter. (diameter 18cm for 2.5kg; diameter 20cm for 6.5kg; diameter 23cm for 7.5kg; diameter 26cm for 9kg; diameter 30cm for 11kg; diameter 35cm for 12.5kg )

  • S: 2.5-4kg (beginner)
  • M: 4.5-6kg (beginner)
  • L: 6.5-7.5kg (beginner level)
  • XL: 8-9.5kg (intermediate)
  • 2XL: 10-12.5kg (master level)

* We produce the Tai Chi ball until 21kg, if you are interest in the extra heavy ball, please contact us.