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[DESTOCK] Tai Chi Uniform Embroidery of Dragon, Tian Long

[DESTOCK] Tai Chi Uniform Embroidery of Dragon, Tian Long

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High range Tai Chi (Tai Ji) Demonstration or Competition Uniform made of elastic silk, dragon embroidery. Excellent quality and unbeatable price, only available in Webmartial Shop.


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Our design : In Chinese tradition, the dragon is one of the most powerful Chinese celestial creatures. It traditionally brings luck, authority, protection and strength. The dragon of heaven, tian long in Chinese. It is the guardian of the divine dwellings and the protector of heaven. It sometimes wears the gods' palaces directly on his back, keeping them in the air. It symbolizes the elevation to a higher state.  The dragon, which is a yang symbol, is considered a strong masculine energy in Chinese philosophy.


  • Embroidery of dragon and fireball on jacket.
  • Handmade chinese buttons with traditional seams.
  • Two slits on the sides, well cut.
  • The edges of the seams of the uniform, smooth and clean.


* Due to different ways of manual measurements, there is a possibility of 1 to 2 cm margin of error.


  • A graceful Tai Chi uniform for the important occasions.


Washing and maintaining your uniform