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Our Brands

Both of brands Webmartial ® and Linoalium ® belong to iitoa ltd.

With 20 years of experiences in traditional martial arts knowledge and more than 10 years worldwide market experience, we present our creations under our brands to show our working attitude and high quality products to our customers.

Why On the market, it exists many similar products with different levels of quality. To guarantee the quality, based on our long experience and customers feedback, we focus on details, improve the users experience. These are the reasons why our products are unique and outstanding. How We take full responsibility from the beginning to the end of the production. There is no intermediate between us and the consumers. We select the fabrics by ourselves, which should satisfy firstly our strict requirements. All of our own products are worked by artisans who have at least 15 years of experience in their specialty. All our brands products are handmade, in artisans workshops, according to authentic Chinese traditional methods. Spirit In such a fast consumption, modern society, we firmly believe that there are always some people willing to wait, to take the time to get a fine workmanship product, to get their own customized and unique uniform. Webmartial ® This brand was born in France with its well known website “Webmartial”, n°1 on French speaking martial arts web since 1998. All products under this brand are traditional martial arts products, that meet the highest requirements of practitioners during their training and competitions. Linoalium ® This brand, born in 2016, is based on traditional clothing, inspired from typical martial arts clothes. With a simple and elegant design, it is a series of high-end clothing that can be worn in your daily life. Linoalium's Brand Philosophy : Hidden in the bustling world. Nourishing soul and mind. Be easy, be smart, be myself.

* For now, most of the products under these brands are textiles.