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Taoist bamboo Tai Chi fan, XiaoYao Shan

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Taoist bamboo Tai Chi fan, XiaoYao Shan

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Tai Chi Fan with bamboo bones for greater strength and rigidity. All the Tai Chi fans in our shop are the high quality products created by the artisans. Lightweight, easy to open and close, with a loud sound when opened. Two shapes of frames according to your choice.

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"Xiaoyao" (逍遥) is a Chinese word that can be translated as "free and unfettered" or "carefree." It is a compound word composed of two characters: "xiao" (逍) and "yao" (遥).

The character "xiao" (逍) means "to move freely without constraints" or "to roam at will." It can also connote the idea of being carefree and unencumbered by responsibilities or worries.

The character "yao" (遥) means "distant" or "far away." When combined with "xiao," it conveys the sense of being free to wander far and wide, without being bound by any limitations or obligations.

In Chinese culture, the concept of "xiaoyao" is often associated with the Taoist philosophy of living in harmony with nature and embracing a simple, unencumbered lifestyle. It is often used to describe someone who is living a carefree and unfettered existence, unconstrained by societal norms or expectations.


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Made of 13 bamboo bones about 36.5 - 37 cm long. Total length : 38 cm when closed.


5.1 - 5.3 oz ( 145  - 150 g )


  • Texture in nylon taffeta fabric.
  • Carefully selected bamboo bones.


  • classic shape (A)
  • curved shape (B)


  • red
  • black
  • natural


  • right hand
  • left hand

The type for right hand is in stock. The type for left hand need to customize. (about 3 days). 


A Tai Chi fan carrying case is offered.



  • Tai Chi Fan Bamboo Bones is easy to use due to its lightness. It is perfectly ideal for daily practice and also a good choice for beginners. Easy to open and close with a loud sound at the time of opening.
  • The series of classic shape have a very good price / quality ratio, is a good choice for Tai Chi fan beginners.
  • The series of curved-shaped are made by high-level craftsmen. It is a series of pro, comfortable to hold, for the most demanding practitioners.


Tai Chi fan is a product which can become damaged with the time.

The Webmartial Shop offers you a unique after-sales service for your Tai Chi fan, which allows you to get free maintenance of your Tai Chi fan bought from us, without any time limit.

For any Tai Chi fan purchased from us, you can benefit :

  • A free change of Tai Chi fan fabric.
  • A change of the axis of Tai Chi fan.
  • Free maintenance of your Tai Chi fan. In the case of free maintenance, Tai Chi fan purchased from us, you only need to pay for shipping costs.

Please order service here : Tai Chi Fan maintenance service


We can personalize Tai Chi Fan according to your logo or drawing for you or your association.