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Classical Modern Hanfu Coat, New year red

Classical Modern Hanfu Coat, New year red

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Double layer coat, based on Hanfu style. Keep the principal traditional element and simplify the design to adapt to modern life's need. Red coat for chinese new year, elegant red, easy to match with other clothes。

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  • Fabric: 75% natural linen, 25% natural cotton.
  • Shrinkage: 1-2%.
  • Range: NATURAL
  • Brand: Linoalium ®


  • Central opening coat.
  • V form collar.
  • No buttons for front closure.
  • Two pockets.
  • Different cutting for the man and woman.


  • Measurements (bust, waist, hips) should be measured directly on your body, these are not the measurements of the clothes.

  • We work on the actual measurements of our customers and not based on a standardized reference table for all customers.
  • This allows us to go into details, to work individually on each customer, and to help our customers get the clothes that suit them best.
  • Lead-time : 7-15 days.


  • Image : association logo or your own graphic design.
  • Letters : name of the association, name of the discipline practiced.
  • Chinese characters: you can give us the text in english, we can translate it in Chinese for you.

Order the embrodery service : Embroidered LOGO service for jacket


  • This jacket can be worn on the outside of the martial arts training uniform.
  • This is a daily coat.